IFM - Full Product Line

unnamed.jpegAdvanced Process Systems is proud to announce that we now offer a full range of products from ifm. 

ifm is a manufacturing company that creates technological solutions for a wide range of industries. They value customer relations and provide amazing customer service, boasting the idea of; "The flexibility and individuality of a small enterprise and the quality and professionalism of a group.". 

Ifm has established themselves in the market as service-oriented sensor specialists and are now represented by more than 7,300 employees in over 95 countries worldwide. 

All of the processes at ifm are focused on customer service and product quality. They will personally support their customers, regardless of location or language barriers.  If  you're looking for immediate assistance, ifm  experts will provide competent support through their free service hotlines. Ifm uses customers' feedback to continuously improve the quality of their products. During special test procedures they stress the sensors far beyond their limits to make sure they are keeping what they promise in the customers' processes. Lastly, each product is submitted to a final inspection before it leaves their premises. This is a promise taken very seriously at ifm, as they grant 5-year warranties on each catalogue product they sell. 

70 % of ifm products are developed and manufactured in Germany.  With manufacturing and development warehouses in the USA, in Singapore, Poland and Romania, they follow their principles and can respond to the requirements of the different markets with high professional competence and flexibility.  All manufacturing and development locations are set up according to the same high German quality standards, whether it concerns the working conditions for staff,  environmental protection or the high quality standards in day-to-day development and production efforts. 

Industries Served

ifm serves every industry you can think of! From robotics and autmation to water and wastewater, ifm has the technology you need to keep your business running efficiently. The following are services provided by ifm and their benefits as well, please visit their website for more detailed information. 

Robotics and Automation Technology

ifm provides intelligent digitlalisation solutions from one single source. Robots and assembly systems enable efficient work processes and secure a consistently high standard of quality at virtually any step of the value chain: The automated systems from ifm are used for welding, painting, pick & place, assembly, packaging, labelling and transportation – and that is just a small fraction of a sheer endless range of applications.

The level of industrial automation and digitalisation is increasing worldwide. Companies that want to remain competitive in the long run need to keep pace with this development,  which can pose a major challenge,  especially in terms of specialist resources. 

ifm helps it's customers who develop tomorrow’s industrial robotsassembly systems and mobile robots (AGVs/ AMRs) on the path of industrial evolution: with reliable and innovative automation and digitalisation solutions.

The ifm solutions consist of sensors, identification systems and machine vision as well as smart connection technology and software solutions,  allow you to plan and operate your machinery and equipment at the required overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry requires advanced technologies. Every single process in the complexity of automotive manufacturing – press shop, body-in-white, paint shop, powertrain and final assembly – must function reliably and with very high availability of all machines and installations.

Sensors and systems from ifm support automotive production through innovative technology and high quality standards such as:  

  • Temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors reliably monitor process media.
  • Safety light grids, safety light curtains and fail-safe inductive sensors assure machine and operator protection e.g. on presses, robot cells and assembly stations.
  • Precise detection of machine parts by inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and cylinder sensors.
  • Vibration monitoring systems for plant wide condition based maintenance strategies.
  • RFID systems, code readers and camera systems for material tracking and quality monitoring complete ifms product range.

Reliable Automation Technology for the Food Industry

Maximum process reliability and constant product quality are maxims in the food industry - whether in the manufacturing of beverages, sweets and dairy or in meat processing. Even the slightest impurities can cause great damage, such as product recall of entire production lots or expensive downtimes.

ifm's specially developed food application product range comprises innovative position sensors, process sensors, control systems and connection technology.

  • The sensors are made of high-quality food-grade materials.
  • They have a hygienic housing design and are distinguished by high ingress and temperature resistance as well as protection against high-pressure cleaning with aggressive agents.
  • Mating connection technology with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K as well as stainless steel mounting accessories especially designed for the food industry complete the product range.  
  • All units and systems comply with the required standards and directives.

Systems for Mobile Machines

 From sensors and cables to displays and controllers, ifm offers a complete range of high-quality components for use in mobile machines,  all from a single source. So regardless of the challenge, you can trust that each part of the system will run smoothly. Ifm offers:

ifm-ecomatmobile-schlamm.jpegAll ifm units have to prove their reliability in extensive tests. Standard market product tests are stepped up and supplemented with combination tests. These also include thermal shock and vibration tests along with special leak tests, e.g. using high-pressure water jets. Among others, these test procedures lead to protection rating IP 69K that all sensors and connectors for mobile applications have. Before the ifm products go to the customer they are all submitted to a 100 % final inspection. These measures allow ifm to guarantee the quality and reliability they promise to deliver to the customer.

Highly automated and precise manufacturing processes make it possible to produce defect-free products with minimised tolerance ranges. Comprehensive quality controls as well as a continuously high quality of the materials ensure that their products meet the highest requirements and withstand the harshest operating conditions. The complete production process is, of course, certified to ISO standards.

Strong impact and vibrations are part of everyday operation of a mobile machine. The ifm products for mobile use must withstand all these influences. Vibration and shock tests simulate the harsh operating conditions and ensure the correct functioning of the components. Housings, electrical connections, displays – everything must withstand even the most adverse environmental conditions.

Quality is a decisive factor for ifm.  All ecomatmobile components are checked for their quality in all relevant production steps. After final assembly, comprehensive function tests are performed on each individual product including inputs, outputs and interfaces. Only units with the test result “functions correctly” leave the factory!

Finally, many climate zones all have one requirement: correct functioning. Among others the switch-on behaviour of the ecomatmobile components is tested at extreme temperatures at the climate lab. Using targeted UV irradiation, they ensure that strong sunlight has no effect on the units. These components also have to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

Efficient Machine Tools Increase Productivity

Machine-tools are indispensable in modern production processes. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and in drive technology. In practice, the machine tool sector is divided into two main areas: metal forming and metal working. 

  • Inductive sensors with high ingress resistance and protection against aggressive coolants guarantee accurate position detection of workpieces, workpiece carriers and machine parts.
  • Diagnostic systems and vibration sensors for condition-based maintenance detect unbalance, wear or bearing damage on spindles and drives and prevent production losses, downtime and expensive consequential damage.
  • Vision sensors reliably detect the quality of components and work pieces.
  • In machining centres, flexible production systems and transfer lines, code readers assure traceability of parts.
  • Flow meters that continuously monitor water and compressed air consumption significantly improve energy efficiency.
  • Many of these sensors communicate via IO-Link with the higher-level controller. That means that the user is best-equipped for Industry 4.0.

Water – A Scarce Resource

With the steady growth in global population and the worldwide impact of climate change, there is a rise in demand for the essential and vital natural resource, water. To meet this demand, it is critical that water is treated immediately after use so that it can be available for safe use again. This requires  more sophisticated, more effective processes that must be implemented and carried out simultaneously as economically as possible.

To overcome these challenges,  ifm offers  reliable and innovative automation solutions. While always considering  current trends and requirements, ifm also searches for the best possible solutions for tomorrow, ensuring that security and future viability are guaranteed in equal measure.

Due to the increasing scarcity and value of our freshwater resources, it is important to operate plants as effectively as possible along the entire cycle. The ifm solution, consisting of hardware and software, offers you the possibility to operate your plants in the best possible way in terms of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

More solutions for your industry, brought to you by ifm: