Admix 850 Dynashear

Inline Continuous Mixer & Emulsifier

Admix Inc. is a global manufacturer of hygienic and industrial mixing equipment serving the food/beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. They have recently announced the introduction of the Dynashear 850 high shear inline mixer and emulsifier. The Dynashear 850 is now the largest model of the high shear, high speed Dynashear series which includes the lab scale model DS-215, the production scale models DS-425, DS-575, and now the DS-850 model. A single pass through the Dynashear results in product quality typical after several passes through conventional mixers.

Featuring a robust tandem shear head design, the Dynashear 850 is built for processing up to 350 gallons per minute, which is double the throughput of the DS-575 model. With scale-up capabilities, the Dynashear line is particularly useful for  wetting out powders into liquids and is the ideal inline high shear solution for processors needing to blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a wide range of fluids and semi-fluids.


“The addition of the Dynashear 850 to our existing product portfolio further validates our strategy to accelerate growth and continue to offer solutions designed to improve efficiencies in mixing rooms at processing plants for both hygienic and industrial applications,” said Mike Rizzo, CEO, Admix.

The Director of Sales and Marketing at Admix, Patrick Lakin, states, “The Dynashear product line has been an incredibly successful inline mixer for our customers because its high speed and high shear characteristics provide the ability to de-agglomerate, improve product texture and build better emulsions in a single pass.”. He continues, “Now, with the larger DS-850 unit, we’ve doubled the throughput capacity, which means that processing higher volumes can be achieved extremely effectively.”

The Dynashear 850 is available for order immediately on a worldwide basis directly through Admix or their sales partner channels, like Advanced Process Systems. Click here to view the specifications for this mixer. You can also find more information on how this series of mixing equipment works here.

Give us a call today or head to the Admix website for more information on the Dynashear 850.