Mixing Solutions


Mixing Solutions

Admix Inc.

Having a full range of highly effective mixing and milling equipment provides the foundation, but the true measure of our capability is providing a 100% guaranteed solution to your specific needs. Admix's products are results oriented, with the reputation, resources and installation base to insure that mixers exceed the performance you expect. Their focus within the industries that require the strictest sanitary practices has provided Admix an opportunity to supply over 5,000 mixers operating within over 2,000 production plants. Chances are, we have already had several opportunities to work with the ingredients which are crucial to the success of your product. These include

  • Xanthan and other gums,
  • soy and whey proteins,
  • aspartame, sucralose and other sweeteners,
  • Carbopol®, Methocel® and various viscosity enhancers, 
  • additional ingredients listed throughout the brochure links below


Mixing Solutions

Alfa Laval

When it comes to optimizing your tank, Alfa Laval’s portfolio is a full range of possibilities. No other supplier brings you such a complete selection of equipment:

  • Tank agitators and tank mixers
  • Tank instrumentation
  • Tank covers, machine feet, tank feet and sight glasses
  • Tank cleaning solutions

Moreover, Alfa Laval provides high-level innovation in their mixing solutions. Besides their world-renowned Toftejorg tank cleaning solutions – which now include a 3-A rotary spray head – they provide cutting-edge options for agitation and mixing. Today, the hygienic agitators are joined by rotary jet mixers and magnetic mixers, which offer new process opportunities and new ways to save money. 

We provide the right combination of tools and expertise through sales and working partners to ensure that your needs have not only been met, but exceeded. 

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