Xolertic Representatives

Advanced Process Systems is proud to announce our position as representatives for Xolertic.

Xolertic, an international group of companies, provides end-of-line automation solutions. Based on innovation, Xolertic opperates globally and are leaders in the medium and high speed complete casepacking lines as well as modular cartoning and palletizing solutions. As leaders in integrated end-of-line automation solutions, Xolertic is the father company of two others; Sinterpack and Prodec.

Prodec is based in Barcelona, whereas Sinterpack in Burgos, Spain. They primarily manufacturer end-of-line automation packaging equipment such

  • cartoners
  • case packers
  • palletizers via industrial multi-axes robots
  • collaborative palletizing systems

With over 50 years' experience and having installed over 2400 machines across the globe,  some of Xolertic's clients include Nestle, Kraft & Heinz. Nestle alone has more than 130 machines installed throughout several areas of their plants, across several locations in the world.  Xolertic is especially porud to be in a position to deliver their equipment featuring

  • compatibility with TPM
  • hygienic design
  • OMAC
  • PackML standards, etc.
  • guaranteed 98% machine efficiency
  • robust construction
  • smaller foot-print
  • competitive pricing structure
  • local technical service for peace of mind

Sinterpack was created in 1965, and has now estblished itself in thedesigning, integration, and manufacturing of end-of-line. In 1998, robotic technology was introduced in the palletized process by installing the first ever 7 palletizing robots in the Spanish dairy sector, specifically in Calidad Pascual in Aranda de Duero.  Ever since then, Sinterpack has been devoting itself to providing the best and most innovative solutions. Three years ago, Sinterpack actually received it's own collaborative palletizing cell design, allowing it to be referenced for the production of end-of-line solutions through collaborative robot. 

Founded in 1976, Prodec is the other company under Xolertic and is located in Barcelona. Prodec are experts in the manufacturing and integration of casepacking for solutions, mainly flexible, having already installed high speed casepacking applications up to 400 units per minute. With a tradition for strong innovation, one of their latest developments is a worldwide unique system for the casepacking of chainpacks. More than 40 year’s experience endorse Prodec as international suppliers with presence in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.