Double-Seat Valves by GEA

Make the most of GEA hygienic valves and secure your lead in the dynamic market. These valves adapt to your process and your product, not the other way round. There are no limits to your product ideas and demands. With ideally suited solutions, you can seize every opportunity to make a profit in your market.

Double-seat mixproof valves provide the shut-off of incompatible media at pipe intersections. Developed by Otto Tuchenhagen, the founder of GEA’s hygienic valve technology range, mixproof valves to this day deliver crucial benefits for safe and secure applications, e.g. in the case of cleaning agents in pipes carrying products.

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Financial Services

GEA helps you to avoid upfront investment and preserve more capital. Their financial services offer attractive conditions to lease your new GEA equipment. Cost occur over time while the machine is used.

GEA Safexpert

At GEA, Food Safety & Product Quality are fundamental to your business. Make sure you meet the challenge while staying protected as a brand with Safexpert services from GEA.