UltraTecno: Ultrasonic Cleaning

UltraTecno: Power Ultrasonic Cleaning

Since 1964, UltraTecno has been at the forefront of ultrasound technology. The company has always relied on the latest technological advances to improve their ultrasound equipment, which is distributed worldwide.

The quality of the equipment is guaranteed by ISO 9001 Quality Systems and is surpassed by a commitment to their clients’ satisfaction, starting with the first contact.  UltraTecno is always  there for you, taking care of your needs with efficiency and urgency.

At UltraTecno, they look towards a future relying on technological innovation, offering the best ultrasonic equipment quality and excellent customer service, worldwide.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Easy Series

Easy Series: Tank capacity from 170L to 570L

The company’s best quality-price ratio ultrasonic cleaning machine series is the Easy Series. This ultrasonic equipment provides essential features designed to respond to market demand for basic machine specification: new, small sizes adapted to market needs, fast production time, new competitive prices and immediate availability units on stock. Same 28kHz ultrasonic cleaning technology, same perfect results.

Included Features

The Ultrasonic, easy machine models include a pneumatic elevator for agitation on parts during cleaning. This swing increases the cleaning performance, where parts are easily placed and extracted onto a provided tray.

The Easy Series includes:
  • Top Lid
  • Metal sheets thickness (2 mm)
  • X-tra size (50mm) full thermal and acoustic insulation
  • IFM LMT-102 inox-316 – PEEK water sensor level
  • Fully built stainless steel structure frame and side panels to provide lifetime corrosion guarantee
  • Drain valves 1½” (main tank) and 3/4” (auxiliary tank)
  • Temperature measuring probe PT 100.
  • Non-slip feet, with adjustable height
  • Electrical Heating System using immersed stainless steel
  • Inclined tank bottom to self-leveling facilitate emptying
  • 4.3” Multilanguage touch screen
Visit UltraTecno’s website to find out more information and to view or download equipment specification sheets.