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High Shear Mixer Comparison

Not all high shear mixers are created equal. The Admix Rotosolver, when going head-to-head with the competition, comes out on top across many key performance areas. Here’s how the high-speed mixer compares to other conventional high shear mixers:

  • 30-50% less energy consumption

  • Tip speeds 10-20% higher

  • 200-600% higher flow rates

  • Batch speeds up to 6 times faster

The table below quantifies pumping rates, batch turnover rates, and other specifications for a typical 250 gallon batch of the Rotosolver versus other high shear mixers on the market. table-high-shear-comparison.png

Advantages of The Rotosolver

  • 100% dispersion, hydrating, and wetting out of tough ingredients

  • All stainless mix head, shaft, drive and motor

  • Clean-in-place (CIP) mix head

  • High-intensity optimum shear

  • 3-A and USDA-AMS compliant

  • Lab models and production sizes up to 100 HP

Backed by applications experts, field service professionals and a process assurance warranty

Mixing Equipment Services Offered by Admix 

equipment-rotosolver-2016-1.jpgTry Before You Buy

Do you want to see the Rotosolver in action or even take it for a test drive? Admix offers comprehensive mixing equipment services that can improve your process and bottom line today. 

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