Admix Boston Shearmill BSM 25-3 Mixer and the Cosmetics Industry

Recently, a major cosmetics distributor in the US came to Admix with issues in developing pigmented cosmetic products, and Admix had the solution.

A local Admix rep was visiting a cosmetic plant and discussing the customer’s process of making pigmented cosmetics. While walking through the plant, this seasoned rep made sure to listen carefully, so he could hear the headaches of his customer. Sure enough, the headaches were quite painful:

  • Long process times - their cosmetic foundations, which consisted of some very tough ingredients like colored pigments and titanium, were taking far too long to manufacturer ... between 4 and 5 hours for each batch
  • Inadequate equipment - the customer had to use 3 mixers in order to make their product
  • Poor quality product - the quality of the end product was poor and inconsistent.

The rep knew exactly what to prescribe for this headache: the Boston Shearmill. An onsite test was arranged with a BSM 25-3. The testing proved very successful. The customer was able to simplify their process by putting all of their tough ingredients into the mixing tank, and then running a recirculation loop through the BSM. With the BSM’s extreme shear rates and high tip speed capabilities, the customer saved 3 - 4 hours per batch, went from 3 mixers down to 1, and their finished product came out smooth and homogenous after every batch. Soon after the onsite trial, an order was placed for (3) BSM 25-3s with a total order value of $116,000.