Discover GEA Kytero®

The Single-use Biopharma Centrifuge from GEA

GEA's separation expertise ensures maximum yield and doesn't require CIP/SIP or buffers for absolutely pure results. Just change the single-use cartridge with all product-wetted parts and you’re ready for the next batch or for a completely different product! 

Less filtration, more yield, no CIP/SIP: Clarifying biopharma cell cultures with the single-use GEA kytero® pharma Separator. 

Easy Operation

The GEA kytero® skid fits through any door and is ready to produce in only five minutes.  Once implemented, the system poses the least demands on labor – a scarce and highly valuable resource in pharma production environments.  All pathways and connections are included in the single-use exchange set, together with the separator bowl cartridge.


Electronic Setting and Automation

The electronic control board for the separator is integrated into the GEA kytero® skid, enabling processing of each batch in continuous operation with varying parameters. This accommodates changing products, batch capacities, separation goals and process variants. At the touch of a button, automated settings are available to activate different process variants.

Complete Control Technology  

A first in the market, the GEA kytero® skid also comes with fully integrated turbidity and flow meters as well as pumps, tubes, connections and a control module. These components help to achieve a new level of control over the entire process for maximum safety and reliability. All process data are digitally stored and labeled for easy traceability of each batch, facilitating the validation of the process and equipment.

Save Time, Effort and Money

Your GEA kytero® advantages in R&D and scalable production include:

  • Continuous, robust & reliable processing
  • 5 minutes setup time
  • 65 to 85% reduction of filtration requirements
  • No buffer needed
  • Largest single-use centrifuge in the market today
  • Reduced operating costs
  • 100% closed system
  • Small footprint
  • 95% or greater yields

Scale Up Possibilities

The GEA kytero® single use separator skid is currently available in a GEA kytero® 500 version that can process 500L of input feed in one single batch. Test results from smaller batches can be upscaled to that capacity on the same machine. 

Scaling up your success has never been easier with the new GEA kytero® 2000. Use the kytero® 500 for testing smaller batches and use the kytero® 2000 for full production. For more information on the technical specifications on each machine, click here.


Learn more about the GEA kytero® and how to your future-proof operation here.