Corrosion Problems Solved by Admix

Not too long ago,  Admix had a chemical manufacturing company ask them for solutions to remedy problems with corrosion and leakage on their current agitators. 

The Problem

The customer works with 180 m3 tanks containing a solution of 30% sodium chloride and further 1% suspended solids, the tank temperature is 70°C. The existing side mounted agitators were not powerful enough on their own and hence unable to keep the solids suspended in the tanks. To make things worse the agitators/seal plate were leaking due to the harsh environment!

The Solution

Admix delivered a side mounted Rotofoil with all product contacting parts made in Titanium grade 2. The Rotofoil has four blades and a diameter of 787 mm with detachable blades for easy installation.  It's equipped with a 3 kW geared motor.  Admix designed the agitator and it's mounting to ensure that the solids would be kept suspended in the customer's tank.

The Payoff

The Admix Rotofoil now keeps all solids suspended, and there is no longer any issue with sediment on the bottom of the tank. The Titanium propeller,  shaft,  and double mechanical seal have solved the leaking issue. Thanks to the design and selection of materials, the customer has reduced maintenance costs significantly.  The customer is happy and continues to use the Admix solution by replacing agitators in existing tanks with Admix Rotofoils.

Should you have issues with corrosion of your agitators,  Admix can help with top or side mounted agitators that are all prepared for your specific liquids – with PTFE coating,  made of Titanium grade 2 or Duplex steel whatever is the best for the application.