The ORBIMAT 180 SW (SmartWelder) Orbital Welding Machine

Primarily used on stainless steel lines used in the production, processing and distribution of food, dairy and beverage products, Orbitalum cutting and orbital welding systems deliver welds on stainless steel lines that conform to the highest standard of food safety.

Broadly defined as high purity or sanitary welds, applications in the food, dairy and beverage industries dictate orbital welds that are strong and smooth, inside as well as outside, so as not to trap microscopic particles that can contribute to microbiological contamination leading to consumer foodborne illness

The ORBIMAT 180 SW (SmartWelder) is the new generation of orbital welding, and we’ve got it. The ORBIMAT 180 combines the latest technical innovations with its successful and well-known characteristics of its predecessors.

ORBIMAT 180 SW Info:

  • Future-oriented connectivity by IoT/Industry 4.0 technology
  • Sustainable quality management through web-based productivity monitoring
  • 100% data recording – data available anywhere at anytime
  • Cost saving by precise and digital "PERMANENT GAS" control
  • Short welding cycles through unique gas "FLOW FORCE" function
  • Increased safety and extended product lifetime through rotor torque control
  • Intuitive and simple operation via 12.4” color touch display or rotary actuator
  • Automatic programming by entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas
  • Integrated liquid cooling system for constant low weld head temperatures
  • Advanced Process Systems is excited to own the 180 series as it is the cutting-edge generation in the orbital welding power supply industry.

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