NORDBLOC.1 Helical Gear Motor

With its smooth surface, the NORDBLOC. 1 Helical Gear Unit is an innovative solution for all applications where cleanliness comes first. The Helical In-Line Gear Units offer a high-performance cost effective drive solution adaptable to a wide variety of industries – from safely processing food & beverages, to high-performance conveying in distribution channels and parcel facilities etc. This innovative unit uses rigid torsional UNICASE main gear housings which are optimized for strength using finite element technology. With no installation openings, the stability of the product increases while providing a smoother surface on which neither solid or liquid materials can accumulate.

Although there’s an abundance of innovative benefits to these units, one of the top features of this product line is its versatility; modular design and flexible mounting options provide customer adaptability.

Mounting options include foot-mount, flange-mount, and foot-flange.

Input options include integral motors or brake motors, motorized reducers, NEMA or IEC input adapters, or solid input shafts.All NORDBLOC. 1 gear units come standard with high capacity output bearings.

The NORDBLOC. 1 single-stage gear units are ideal for high speed applications such as pumping, mixing, and conveying applications. With standard upgrades these gear units can be supplied with a high-strength alloy steel output shaft and twin-tapered roller bearings designed to handle aggressive shaft and bearing load conditions. The single-stage gear units feature 5 sizes ranging in output torque from 69 to 2505lb-in and gear rations from 1. 07:1 to 13. 10:1. Additionally, mounting options include NEMA standard output shaft and mounting flange.

Some of the characteristics that go along with the NORDBLOC. 1 includes high efficiency for low operating costs as well as the option to use the aluminum housing version, which lowers the weight. The gear unit’s innovative design, with high axial and radial load capacities enable reliable operations with large speed ranges while producing little to no sound when running.

Features & Benefits of the NORDBLOC.1

  • Case-hardened, high-quality gearing
  • Modular design with flexible mounting options
  • Robust UNICASE housing
  • High capacity output bearings
  • AUTOVENT pressure regulation keeps contaminants out
  • Protective features and options for severe environments
  • High performance inverter/vector duty motors & brake motors



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