Admix Equipment | BenchmixĀ® 10

Need Predictable, Repeatable results from the Lab to Full Production? Then Admix is Your Solution. 

The Benchmix 10 by Admix is the ideal mixer for product development, simulation, formula optimization and scale-up needs. With compact and powerful high shear mixing, this mixer fits well on the benchtop of any lab in any industry. The Benchmix 10 easily handles volumes from .25 to 1 gallon / 1 to 4 liters with a mixing speed range of 1,000 – 9,300 RPM.

If you're scaling up to an Admix high shear production size mixer, Admix will back it with their process assurance warranty. Click here to view the process assurance warranty provided by Admix.


The Rotosolver high shear mix head patented by Admix, is included in the Benchmix 10. The Rotosolver is the most effective high shear mixing head on the market for wetting out and dispersing powders. It's engineered to provide optimal balance between shear and flow so that your product is completely homogenous, emulsified, and agglomerate-free. All of this in just under 10 minutes! 

In terms of operation of the Benchmix 10, it's made simple with an automated lift, a modern touchscreen interface, and a large speed dial for instant adjustments to your process. The touchscreen panel displays the RPM, amp draw, and head height for the current job.

Want to see the Benchmix 10 in action or take it for a test drive with an in-plant trial? At Admix, their comprehensive mixing equipment services can improve your process and bottom line, today!

Features include:

  • 1 HP motor delivers variable speeds up to 9,300 RPM
  • Processes .25-1 gallon (1-4 liters)
  • Patented Rotosolver high shear mix head provides optimal shear and flow
  • Auxiliary pumping impellers included (small and large)
  • 316SS shafting and mix heads
  • Adjustable container retention device included
  • Easy to operate electronic lift
  • Large variable speed dial
  • Modern touch screen interface


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