Redesigned RS-02 Pilot Scale Mixer By Admix

The all new Admix Sanitary RS02 pilot scale mixer with mobile lifting cart for ergonomic use contains full washdown components and can be used for a wide range of mixing solutions. Ideal for small-scale production and pilot plants, this high shear pilot scale mixer provides an excellent solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures and small production runs.

The RS-02 redesign includes a mobile lift stand with a wider base for added stability and a large, hand crank for easily adjusting mixer height. The portable unit fits through standard width doorways making it easier to transport it within a plant’s product development test labs and production areas. The RS-02 has a batch capacity of 5-20 gallons / 19-75 liters and incorporates the Admix patented Rotosolver® high shear mixing impeller, the market’s most effective mixing head for wetting out and dispersing powders. Its patented design is engineered to provide the optimal balance between shear and ¬flow so that mixtures are completely homogenous, emulsified, and agglomerate-free in under 10 minutes.

equipment-RS02 (1).jpg