Orbital welding machine

The ORBIMAT 180 SW (SmartWelder) is the new generation of orbital welding, and we’ve got it. The ORBIMAT 180 combines the latest technical innovations with its successful and well-known characteristics of its predecessors. Some information on the ORBIMAT

  • Future-oriented connectivity by IoT/Industry 4.0 technology
  • Sustainable quality management through web-based productivity monitoring
  • 100% data recording – data available anywhere at anytime
  • Cost saving by precise and digital "PERMANENT GAS" control
  • Short welding cycles through unique gas "FLOW FORCE" function
  • Increased safety and extended product lifetime through rotor torque control
  • Intuitive and simple operation via 12.4” color touch display or rotary actuator
  • Automatic programming by entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas
  • Integrated liquid cooling system for constant low weld head temperatures
  • Advanced Process Systems is excited to own the 180 series as it is the cutting-edge generation in the orbital welding power supply industry.

PD Pump Package

Positive displacement pumps by Alfa Laval, Waukesha, Ampco and Wright Pump. Advanced Process Systems custom PD pump complete with Stainless Motors Inc., all stainless steel gear box and motor combination.

We have been continuously sending out a wide range of Positive Displacement (PD) pump packages to our customers.

Along with the PD pump is a Stainless Motors Inc. Gear-motor combination. The Sanifan Stainless Motors Inc. has several unique sanitary features, some of which include

  • Polished crevice-free stainless fan on our Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) models
  • EPDM sanitary fan shroud standoffs
  • Crevice-free fan shroud mounting
  • up to 50HP/ 37kW (3 Phase) in both NEMA and IEC Frames
  • Single Phase motors available up to 5HP

The all stainless steel construction is becoming the industry standard.

NEW: Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump increases process flexibility, service and reliability, and operational safety

FOR SALE: Stainless Steel Food Grade Freezer Racks

  • Pallet-jack ready
  • Dimensions: L-48" x W-40" x H-60"
  • All stainless steel construction
  • 12 racks per cart
  • 16 carts available

If you are interested in this product and would like to receive more information feel free to contact Advanced Process Systems at:


Advanced Process Systems - Authorized Dealer for Anderson-Negele

Advanced Process Systems is now a proud and official Anderson-Negele dealer.

Anderson-Negele is a global instrumentation company with the mission to provide the best hygienic instrumentation solutions and services for processors of food, beverage and life sciences products.

Today Anderson-Negele serves thousands of customers globally and works with OEMs and System integrators to produce unique solutions for novel applications. Each of our employees focuses on sanitary solutions that fulfil our role as “guardians” of safe food, beverage and life sciences processing. Our products for temperature, pressure, flow and analytical measurement are designed for the processing of products you eat, drink, inject, or rub on your skin, meeting 3-A, EHEDG and BPE design standards.

UV Technology – Medium Pressure vs. Low Pressure. Which one is better?

When evaluating UV equipment, it can be quite difficult to understand the differences between manufacturers, technology, and system performance. Aquionics has provided a quick summary that gives insight into the differences between medium and low pressure technology.

Posted On August 26th, 2016

Admix Boston Shearmill BSM 25-3 and the Cosmetics Industry

Recently, a major cosmetics distributor in the US came to Admix with issues in developing pigmented cosmetic products, and Admix had the solution.

Posted On August 4th, 2016

Aquionics UV Technology in the Dairy Industry

For over 30 years Aquionics has been UV water treatment leader. Decades of continuous development has put Aquionics and the Halma UV Group at the forefront of UV science and technology. Advanced Process Systems Inc. is proud to work with Aquionics.

Posted On July 4th, 2016

Admix selects Advanced Process Systems Inc. as Authorized Distributor


Posted On October 29th, 2015

October pumps

New pumps arrived have a look, also see the inventory for full specifications.

Posted On October 22nd, 2015